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Manufacturer Name: Taiko Kikai Industries
Country: Japan

We are developing projects focusing on the following themes: ‘from oil to water, water to air, air to vacuum.’ Currently, we are producing a screw dry vacuum pump which is able to treat sealed liquid waste through a process of inverse diffusion in order to solve environmental problems.
This vacuum pump works to preserve the environment in a number of ways. It is used in the manufacturing process of the thin film solar cell for clean energy; it is used in PCB (Polychlorinated biphenyl) waste treatment facilities; and, it is used as a withdrawal device for VOC (Volatile organic compound) gas.

Air Blower,
Auxiliary Machinery,
Bilge Concentrator,
Cargo Handling Equipment,
Cargo Turbine ballast pump,
Electric centrifugal pump,
Electric gear pump,
Electric Machinery,
Electric screw pump,
Hydrophore unit,
Integrated cargo & ballast control systems,
Oil Treatment Equipment,
Oily Water Separator,
Pollution Prevention Equipment,
Pumps, ballast,
Pumps, bilge,
Pumps, boiler feed,
Pumps, boiler water-circulating,
Pumps, cargo,
Pumps, centrifugal,
Pumps, deep well,
Pumps, emergency fire,
Pumps, feed water,
Pumps, fresh water,
Pumps, gear,
Pumps, hydraulic,
Pumps, lubricating oil,
Pumps, reciprocating,
Pumps, sanitary,
Pumps, screw,
Pumps, sewage,
Pumps, sludge,
Pumps, stripping,
Pumps, tank cleaning,
Pumps, vacuum,
Purifiers & Clarifiers,
Reduction Gears & Couplings,
Separators, oil & water,
Sewage treatment equipment,
Sewage treatment system,
Tank cleaning pump,

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