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Name: Main Engine
Manufacturer: NIPPON KOKAN
Type / Part no: SULZER 6RTA58

Technical Specification & Spare Parts:
– U21410 – Joint ring on cylinder liner,

– U21411 – Rubber ring for water guide jacket,

– U21500 – Lubricating quill with accumulator for cylinder lubrication,complete,

– U23101 – Scraper ring, in three parts, complete,

– U23102 – Sealing ring, in three parts, complete,

– U27116 – Round rubber ring for cylinder cover,

– U27215 – Circulation valve for fuel injection valvE/´╝łU27216-U27220),

– U27226 – O-ring for circulation valve U27215,

– U27227 – O-ring for spring tensioner U27212,

– U27240 – Nozzle for fuel injection valve,

– U27510 – O-ring for valve seat U27508,

– U27549 – O-ring for valve cage U27502 and valve seat U27508,

– U27555 – Joint ring for valve seat U27508,

– U27720 – Indicator valve, complete (U27721N-U27724),

– U34014 – O-ring for U34005 and U34006,

– U34015 – O-ring for running pipe U34230,

– U34016 – Round rubber ring for piston skirt,

– U34101 – Piston head,

– U34401 – Piston ring,

– U36204 – Guide ring on gland box,

– U36205 – Joint ring in 3-parts on gland box, complete,

– U36206 – Scraper ring in 3-parts on gland box, complete,

– U36210 – Tension spring for scraper ring U36206,

– U36211 – Tension spring for guide ring U36204,

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