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Manufacturer Name: Hanla Level
Country: South Korea

Since starting a business in marine equipment industry in 1989, HANLA have supplied reliable products to customers for over 26 years. Based on these 26 years experiences, Loading Computer, Tank Monitoring System, Valve Remote Control System, Ballast Water Treatment System(BWTS). LED Lighting have been developed by our own technologies and we have been continuously growing up to become the best company in this filed. Now, as a specialist of Total Ballast System Line Up, all of our staff is going to run more faster with the 3B in their mind.
This 3B is our new campaign logo to introduce that HANLA is a specialist of Total Ballast System Line Up. The 3B means not only Ballast Water Treatment System, Ballast Valve Control System, and Ballast Tank Gauging System but also Best quality, Besttechnology and Best service.

Air Filter Regulator,
Air Horn,
Air Purge Type Level Gauge,
Air Purge Type Remote Sounding System,
Air Purge Type Sounding System,
Air Purge Type Tank Level Gauge,
Air Purge Unit,
Airpurge Sys.,
Alarm & Control Unit,
Alarm Annuciator,
Alarm Monitoring System,
Analyzer PCB,
Automatic Back-Flushing Filter,
Automatic Devices & Equipment,
Automatic Gas Detection System,
Automation & Hydraulics,
Auxiliary Machine,
Ballast & Draft Gauge System,
Ballast Indicator,
Ballast Level Gauging,
Ballast Level System,
Ballast Tank & Draft Gauges,
Ballast Tank & Fuel Tank Gauging,
Ballast Tank Gauging System,
Ballast Tank Level Gauges,
Ballast Water Gauging System,
Ballast Water Level Monitoring,
Ballast Water Treatment System,
Bilge Alarm Reed Switch,
Bilge Alarm Unit Device,
Bilge High Level Alarm System,
Bilge Level Alarm,
Bilge Level Detection System,
Bilge Level Switch,
Bilge Sensor,
Bunker Level & Draft Gauge,
Bunker Level Displays Ccr,
Bunker Tank Alarm System,
C.O.T Monitoring System,
Calibration Of Cargo Tank,
Capacitance Type Level Switch,
Capacitance Type Oil Detector,
Cargo Control System,
Cargo High Level Alarms System,
Cargo Hold Bilge Alarm System,
Cargo Hold Bilge Well Water Floating Switch,
Cargo Ig,
Cargo Level Gauging,
Cargo Level Monitoring System,
Cargo Monitoring System,
Cargo Oil Tank,
Cargo Pump Manifold Pressure,
Cargo Pump Pressure Indicator System,
Cargo Remote Level Indicator System,
Cargo Remote Level System,
Cargo System Instrumentation,
Cargo Tank Gauging,
Cargo Tank High Level Alrm,
Cargo Tank High,Overfill Alarm System,
Cargo Tank Level Gauge,
Cargo Tank Level System,
Cargo Tank Monitoring System,
Cargo Tank Radar,
Communication Unit,
Content Level Gauge,
Control System,
Cot & Ballast,
Cot High Level Alarm,
Cot Ullaging System,
Cot,Overfill Alarm System,
CPU Board,
Deck Machinery,
Deflection Gauging System,
Dial Type Float Level Gauge,
Digital Level Indicator,
Dock Arm,
Draft & Ballast Tk Guages,
Draft Gauge & Tank Sounding System,
Draft Gauge Ballast Gauge,
Draft Gauge Pulse Radar,
Draft Gauge System,
Draft Gauging System,
Drfat Gauge,
E/R Bilge Level Sensors,
E/R Tank Level Indicator,
Electric Cable Lines (Remote Sounding System),
Electric Horn,
Electric Pressure Level Transmitter,
Electric Pressure Tank Level Gauging,
Electric Sensor,
Electro Pneumatic Level Gauging Sys,
Electro-Pneumatic Level Measurement System,
Electro-Pneumatic Level Monitoring System,
Electro-Pneumatic Remote Level Gauge,
Electrode Relay,
Fidelityhanla Level Gauging Sysrem,
Fix Gas Detection System,
Fix Gas Monitoring System,
Fix Gas Sampling System,
Fixed Gas & Draft,
Fixed Gas Detecting System,
Fixed Gas Monitoring Sys,
Fixed Gas Sampling Detection System,
Fixed Gas Sampling/Detection System, 
Flat Glass Level Gauge,
Flat Level Gauge,
Flat Sight Gauge,
Flat Sight Glass,
Flat Type Glass Level Gauge,
Float Level Sensor,
Float Level Switch,
Float Operated Type Level Switch,
Float Switches,
Float Type Level Gauge,
Float Type Level Switch,
Float Type Level Transmitter,
Fuel Oil & Ballast,
Gas Detecting & Vapour Emission Sys.,
Gas Detection System,
Gas Detector,
Gas Sampling System,
Gauge Self Closing Type,
Gauging System,
H-H Level Alarm System,
H.F.O Tank Level Gauges,
H2,O2 Sensor & Pump,
H2s Gas Detector Cell,
Hanla Auxitrol Gasbal PCB,
Hanla Independent High Level Alarm,
Hanla Level Master,
Hanla Level Switch,
Hanla Level System,
Hanla-Auxitrol Remote Sounding Spares,
Hc Sensor,
Heavy Duty Strobe Light & Siren,
Hhl Alarm Bunker,
Hi Hi Level Alarm Monitoring,
Hi Level Overfill Alarm System,
Hi-Hi Level Alarm System,
High & Overfill Alarm Sensor,
High & Overfill Alarm System,
High & Overfill Level Alarm,
High High Level Alarm Monitoring,
High Level & Hhl Alarm,
High Level & Over Fill Alarm,
High Level Alarm Float Switch,
High Level Alarm Light,
High Level Alarm Sensor,
High Level Alarm Sys.,
High Level Alarm System,
High Level Alarm,
Hl Alarm System,
Horizontal Float Switch,
Horn & Light,
Hydrogen Sulphide Cell,
Hyper Mist Tank,
I.S Barrier,
Independent High & Overfill Alarm System,
Infrared Point Detector,
Intrinsically Safe Level Alarm,
Isolation Converter,
Level & Ballast Gauging,
Level & Draft,
Level & Pressure Transmitter,
Level & Temperature Monitoring,
Level Acoustic Wave Type,
Level Alarm System,
Level Gauge With Switch/Transmitter,
Level Gauge,
Level Indicating System,
Level Indicators,
Level Instruments,
Level Monitoring System,
Level Pressure Transmitter,
Level Radar,
Level Reed Switch Double,
Level Remote Measurement System,
Level Sensor,
Level Switch Cascade Tank,
Level Switchs, 
Level Transmitters,
Light Fixture,
Lighting System,
Lms Cargo Monitoring,
Lo System Tanks, Instrumentation,
Load Plus,
Loading Computer System,
Loading Program,
Ls Fo Tank,
Magnet With Rod For Test Drive,
Magnetic Float Type Level Gauge,
Magnetic Float Type Level Switch,
Magnetic Float Type Tank Overfill,
Marine Float Level Gauge,
Measuring Equipment,
Mesdac Req,
Misc. Detector,
Mixture Gas,
Navigational Equipment,
O2 Analyzer System,
O2 Sensor,
Oil Contamination Detector,
Oil Level Gauge,
Overfill Alarm Light,
Overfill Alarm Probe,
Overfill Alarm Systems,
Overfill Alarm Test Sensor,
Overfill Tank Alarm System,
Oxygen Analyzer System,
Oxygen Monitoring & Alarm Sensor,
Oxygen Monitoring System,
Oxygen Sensor,
P/I Converter,
Pcb Card,
Pcb Gas Detector,
Pcb(Electric Converter),
Peripheral Equipment,
Pi Convertor,
Pneumatic & Electro Pneumatic Type Remote Sounding System,
Pneumatic Modulator,
Pneumatic Type Level Switch,
Power Supply Unit,
Pressure & Level Transmitters,
Pressure Alarm,
Pressure Monitoring System For Oil Tanker,
Pressure Sensor,
Pressure Transmitter,
Pressure Type Level Transmitter,
Protective Hose,
Pumps Temperature Monitoring And Alarm System,
Radar Beam Level Sensor,
Radar Beam Type  Level Sensor,
Radar Beam Type Cargo Tank Level,
Radar Beam Type Level Transmitter,
Radar Level Transmitter,
Radars, Lorans, Direction Finders,
Reed Switch Float Level Sensor,
Reed Switch For High Level Alarm,
Reed Switch Type Float Level Switch,
Reed Switch Type,
Reflex Glass Level Gauge,
Reflex Type Water Level,
Remote Ballast System,
Remote Draft Gauging,
Remote Level & Draft Gauge System.,
Remote Level Gauging System,
Remote Level Sounding System,
Remote Sounding & Draft Gauge,
Remote Sounding Systems,
Remote Sounding Tank Gauging System,
Remote Tank Gauging,
Remote Tank Level Gauge,
Remote Tank Level Gauging System,
Saab Fwd Draft Sensor,
Safety Barrier,
Sample Gas Ch4,
Self Powered Content Gauges,
Serial Lcd Indicator,
Sewage Treatment Plant,
Ship Electronic,
Ship Engine,
Span Gas & Flow Adaptor,
Span Gases Test,
Strobe Light,
Submergible Content Gauge,
Suction Pump,
Switch Box,
Switch, Level, Reed Type,
Tank Fixed Gas Detection System,
Tank Gauge & Draft System,
Tank Gauge Alarm,
Tank Gauge-Mesqac,
Tank Gauging (Bwt),
Tank Gauging (Draft),
Tank Gauging (Wbt),
Tank Gauging Air Purge System,
Tank Gauging Ballast,
Tank Gauging Overfill Alarm,
Tank Gauging,
Tank Guaging System,
Tank High & Overfill,
Tank Level & Draft Gauging System,
Tank Level Alarm System,
Tank Level Controls,
Tank Level Draft Gauging System,
Tank Level Gauge System,
Tank Level Monitoring System,
Tank Level Radar Beam,
Tank Monitoring System,
Tank Overfill & High Level Alarm,
Tank Overfill & Hl Alarm,
Tank Overfill Alarm Switch,
Tank Overfill Alarm System,
Tank Overfilll & High Level Alarm,
Tank Radar Gauging,
Tank Radar System,
Tank Radar Terminal,
Tank Remote Sounding System,
Temperature Sensor,
Temperature Transmitter,
Tubular Type Glass Level Gauge,
V/V Remote Contrl Sys. (Tank Level Gauging),
Valve Remote Control System,
Vapour Emission Control System,
Vapour Emission Monitoring System,
Vapour Emission Pressure Control,
Vapour Monitoring Alarm System,
Vapour Pressure Transmitter,
Vecs & Fix Gas,
Vecs Analyser System,
Vertical Mounting Level Switch,
Warning Light,
Water Ballast System,
Water Ballast Tank Level,
Water Check Unit,
Water Detection System,
Water Detector & Bilge Level Sensor,
Water Ingress Alarm System,
Water Ingress Detection Sensor,
Water Ingress Detection System,
Water Level Gauge,
Water Level Indicator,

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